What we aim for



nutrition experts in executive roles in the food and nutrition industry*




nutrition experts in executive roles in the food and nutrition industry

Our overall goal is to see the percentage of nutrition experts in executive roles rising from 0% today to 20% in 2030. We believe that this will lead to the creation of healthier products and services which consumers increasingly demand. By bringing in nutrition experts in executive roles food companies will regain customer trust leading to increased profitability.

* We analysed the number of nutrition experts in the management of leading food companies as well as in the founding team of top food start-ups in Germany. Nutrition Experts are represented with 0% in both categories. We are currently assessing respective data for the rest of Europe.

Our Story

As nutrition students and young professionals, we, Lia and Simone, often had to listen to comments like “So can you write me a diet plan?”. Yes we can, but there is a lot more we can do: Nutrition scientists are equipped with specific knowledge that helps to prevent individuals from diet-related diseases. This in turn makes entire societies healthier and improves economies through sustainability.


We started to collect jobs posts (over 2,000 until today) and discovered that nutrition experts work across many different sectors. If that's the case, why do still so many people have such a limited perception of the nutrition profession?


We believe that in order to change this perception, nutrition experts need to raise their voices louder and start taking action.


Nowadays, there's a lot of talk about food and nutrition, but not everyone has the proper scientific knowledge to actually make data-based decisions and provide scientifically validated recommendations. Knowing of the challenge that in 2050 we will need to feed 10 billion people in a healthy and sustainable way, proper scientific knowledge has never been more critical than it is today.


NUTRITION HUB wants to encourage highly skilled nutrition experts to take action and become key decision makers in health related media, business, politics, science and medicine. 

This in turn, will benefit consumers and patients around the globe as nutrition experts ensure that evidence-based measures are taken across industries and

in public health.

Meet the team


Frederike Baus

Product Manager at the fast-scaling fitness startup Foodspring


Lina Bahr

Nutritional Researcher at the world renown Charité hospital


Emilie Wegner

Blogger and founder

of the startup Hülsenreich


Dr. Simone K. Frey

Co-Founder NUTRITION HUB + Founder of Future of Nutrition

Lia Marlen Schmökel

Co-Founder NUTRITION HUB + Founder of the herbal health company NOURI


Mona Link

Operations Manager

at Löwenzahn



Jule Saß

Leading Quality Manager at retail giant EDEKA


Anne Rauter

R&D Manager at 10X INNOVATION of the coffee company Melitta